Funding Policy

TBK Initiative Group is primarily funded and supported by our community members. We gain income from ad revenue and donations from our fans.

We haven't yet set up all our donation pages. Soon, you'll be able to support the great cause and help us continue supporting young aspiring producers and our high-quality creative productions.

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One of the core principles of TBK is that we are an independent organisation. We truly believe in keeping TBK independent from other large organisations, which may hinder our current prospects and jeopardise young individuals of our community. To ensure these principles stand firm we have a few guidelines:

  • TBK has no plans to ever merge with another entity. If we ever did, this would be highly publicised and we would do everything to ensure the community is aware of the changes.

  • We will never accept money to change or adjust our content. We will never give anyone creative control over our content.

  • TBK will never allow any company or individual to sponsor content that may place members of our community at risk.

It would be easier if we, didn't have to accept any money from outside sources, but perversely, that’s not the world we live in. Spend 10 minutes speaking to one about the online media environment and one thing will come up time and again: The importance of diversified income streams. For online businesses (and more traditional enterprises) having one source of income is never a good idea. We don’t want to rely solely on donators' contributions or advertising revenue because these are unreliable and may change unexpectedly in the future.

This is why we'll mention varieties of funding channels throughout this page. We are purposely seeking to increase the channels in order to minimise risk. For the sake of simplicity, the main funding channels for TBK, in order of the contribution they make, are:

  • Donations through Patreon

  • Donations through PayPal

  • Sponsored content or brand deals

  • Google Adsense revenue (from this website)

  • Merchandise sales

  • YouTube advertising revenue

Support TBK via Patreon:

Patreon is a simple way to give monthly donations to TBK. As we grow we require a consistent, diversified income and our backer’s support through Patreon serves to facilitate that. In return, we deliver our backers great perks; like early access to content, the authority to vote on future content across a mixture of our projects, exclusive behind the scenes information, producer credit and exclusive TBK merchandise. To learn more, please visit our Patreon page.

Support TBK via Paypal:

Some of our fans don’t want to donate through Patreon. That might be because they don’t want to sign up for an ongoing payment plan or they disagree with Patreon’s business practices. Either way, we wish to let these people support TBK in another way. The donations through PayPal help us grow the organisation and reach more people. While they might not receive any bonus perks by donating this way, they'll still see our sincere gratitude.

Sponsored Content

We are approached by companies who want to sponsor their content through our platform - or sponsor our content through their platform. These companies usually have ambitious marketing budgets, yet it's forever our priority to ensure their vision matches with ours, that their ethos aligns with TBK and that we genuinely believe the product goes in favour for our community.

Any time we’re being paid to promote another company or service, we will ensure this is made as clear as possible. We insist that the sponsored content shouldn't imperil the quality of our previous, current or future content, which our community has grown to love. We also believe any member wishing not to participate in the promotion should have the power to avoid it.

What does TBK spend money on?

Generally, businesses don’t go into huge depth about how they spend their income, but considering a decent percentage of our income originates directly from our fans, we assume they have moral freedom to ask how it’s being used.

The majority of TBK's income is used to keep the organisation afloat. Producing high-quality projects isn't cheap. We have staff, equipment, software costs, subscription fees, travel costs, utility bills and that’s only scratching the surface!

The rest of the money is invested in TBK to make the business viable in the future and beyond our current plans. We want to ensure that by donating and spending money with the community, they are helping us continue operating into the future - and to do this we must save and invest a certain amount of money.

All of the money donated, all of the money being spent goes towards the organisation, and the spending of our generous supporters makes no impact on how much our team receives in compensation.

Did we make that clear?

The whole point of this page is to make our approach to financials and funding as clear as possible. If you do have any further questions or think any section of this page needs greater detail, please let us know by emailing maciej@lacon-ify.com using the subject line ‘TBK Funding’.

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